Bonjour ! Welcome  in our family !


My name is Claire and I live with my husband Jean-Paul in an old house by a small river. He fixed a water  turbine down the mill. Since 20 years, he is a deputy mayor in our village in south Gironde where he spends long working hours in the city hall . He looks after the bees, the orchard and the vegetables garden. He cooks as a chef, with loving care and humour.


We have 5 kids, three sons and two daugthers, now adults. They lived and some of them are still living abroad. On special times, they are all coming back here to meet together.


I travelled,  studied and worked a lot abroad. Proficiency in English in London, a bachelor’s degree in Spanish in Madrid, and the D.A.E.F.L.E, a French diploma to be able to teach French language to foreign people. So I taught French in Spain, Australia (Alliance Française in Canberra) and in France to all kind of students, young and adult…


We try to live with simplicity, to respect others and nature, to favour sobriety, as there is just one planet Earth. As we lived on the Way to Vezelay, we use to accommodate pilgrims and walkers to Santiago de Compostela.


The lady cat is Zoé, living outside and only in the kitchen.